Wednesday, 6 July 2016

FO - Coffee and Cupcakes Socks

I wanted to knit this pattern after seeing it on Sandra's Cherryheart blog, I just thought it was so pretty. It's a very easy pattern repeat to remember which is always good and I think it looks rather nice with the yarn


I cast these socks on in May but stalled on them a bit when the heel on the first sock didn't fit very well. I used the fish lips kiss heel which fits wonderfully but because of the lace pattern and me using 2.0mm needles there just wasn't quite enough room on the heel. It's blocked out looser though which is good so whilst it would have been better to frog back and do a gusset heel I'm happy I got away with it


The yarn is from Shadow at Felt Fusion and is a colourway called "A Christmas Rose", it's got a subtle silver sparkle running through which is pretty when it catches the light :-)

I'm off to take the dog for a walk now before it gets too hot. He got a bit of a fright earlier this morning when he was sleeping next to the front door and the postman dropped some letters through. I think he must have been quite deeply asleep as he woke up doing his "alert bark" to warn me of a possible threat. I told him to be quiet and he huffed at me in disgust ;-)

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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

FO - Father's Day Socks

I've not really been knitting much lately, hence the lack of blogging! I haven't had anything to show you! However I thought I'd get my act together today and show you the socks I've made for Mr Soaring Sheep for Father's Day this coming weekend


The colours look almost subdued in these photos which is a shame. They've got lots of sparkle in them which seems to have dyed the same colour as the yarn so in some places it's gold and others it's more of a silvery-grey


The yarn is from Countess Ablaze and is called "Big Fish in a Little Pond". I originally bought it for me but Mr Soaring Sheep was eyeing it up so I thought I'd order a second skein for him. I'll knit my skein up into a more patterned sock I think so we can tell them apart!


In the top left corner you can see a square I've made using the left over yarn. I've got 64 squares finished in my sock yarn banket now. I'm still ignoring the ends so I'll need to do a lot of weaving in at some point! I can't remember how many squares I'm aiming for but I want the blanket to be big enough for an adult to snuggle up under so still got a way to go. I'm enjoying seeing how the different yarn colours contrast with each other. Hopefully I'll have some more finished socks soon so I can get some more squares done. I'm still resisting buying mini skeins, even though they are very very tempting!


Hope you all have a good week and if you're in the UK then I hope you get to escape the rain we keep getting!

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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Wednesday's WIPs

I've not got very much to show you WIP-wise today. I seem to have rather a lot of WIPs at the moment but a lot of them are being ignored so they aren't changing much. I do have a pair of finished socks for Mr Soaring Sheep to show you at some point but they need the ends weaving in and a quick block first.


These are the two projects I'm mainly focusing on. The purple socks I'm still deciding on the pattern for. I think I've got a plan but will wait for a bit just incase inspiration strikes


The other sock is a second sock which in theory should be faster as I know how big to make it, how many repeats to do etc. and I'm familiar with the stitch pattern. But then Second Sock Syndrome often strikes and I don't feel like knitting the same pattern again. 


It is a pretty pattern though. It's called Coffee and Cupcakes and is very straight forward and easy to memorise. It has come out a bit tight over the heel for me but I'm not a dainty-footed person so for a normal human they'd be fine lol. If I was to make them again I'd perhaps use a gusset heel instead of the FLK one I substituted as it has a bit more give. Hopefully blocking will help with that a bit as I'm not feeling very inclined to frog them back and redo the heel at this point :-S

So that's what I'm working on this week. Lots more crafty posts over at Nicole's and Ginny's :)

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

New Stash

I got a bit over excited by new-to-me dyers recently so I've acquired lots of pretty new sock yarns. Hopefully I've stopped adding to the stash now as it's going to take me a while to knit these all up!

These first two are from Stranded Dyeworks.  I fell for these after discovering the dyer's podcast, I love how she's dyed these colourways with lots of different dapples of colour


This one is called "Funfair", it's so pretty, I'm really looking forward to seeing how it knits up. The other one I bought is called "Ocean Rainbow"


I've already wound this one into a ball and cast on some socks, look how pretty it is


(ignore the safety pins, the bottom one tells me the starting row after the heel, the top one is for row 1 of the chart repeat)

The next two yarns are from Jellybeans Yarns, the first is called "Iridescent" and again it was the dyer's use of colour that caught my eye


This one was a custom dye and didn't come out quite as warm as the original colourway looked in photos. That's the nature of this kind of dyeing though and it's still very pretty.

The other colourway I bought was "Peacock", I do like a peacock-coloured yarn lol


The above 4 colourways were a birthday present to myself. Mr Soaring Sheep rather dropped the ball with my birthday this year and didn't get me anything :-o He has been suitably beaten though and once his thumb nails have grown back he'll be fine ;-)

To make up for his APPALLING behaviour (!) he chose this surprise yarn for me from Fivemoons Yarns


The colourway is called "Romantic Abnegation" but I think he chose it for the pretty purples rather than it's name lol. Unfortunately Pippin decided the skein looked interesting and had lots of fun tangling it up so that took us a while to sort out. It's now wound into 4 balls of various sizes (naughty puppy...) and I'm in the process of casting on some TAAT socks with it. I think I'm going to use the Hermiones socks pattern again.

Last but not least are two colourways from Lamington Lass Yarns, the first one is called "Macaw" and might possibly become socks for Mr Soaring Sheep if I'm feeling nice towards him


The other colourway is called "Welcome to the Bronze Age" and as the name suggests has lots of rich browns in it together with gold stellina making it extra gorgeous


This will become some cabled or lace patterned socks at some point, I think the yarn would benefit from something with lots of texture.

Right, now I've confessed my sins I'd better get on with getting some of my WIP's finished off quicker so I'm going to have a bit of knitting time whilst I wait for the puppy to digest his breakfast and the washing machine to finish it's current load. Have a good week everyone :-)

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Yarn Along

I've got two FO's to share with you today. Both are socks that I've finished recently for myself.

The first pair are based on the Rye pattern by TinCanKnits, I did the garter stitch panel on the middle twenty stitches of a 64 stitch sock.


The yarn had been in my stash for a while and is from Flamboyance Yarns who are no longer trading. I did a fish lips kiss heel so these were a nice simple knit :-)


The other socks were knitted two at a time using a pattern recipe by Frida Ă…ber. It's a free one on ravelry but basically every time you get to a new stripe you do a row of YO's K2tog. 


I love how these turned out. The yarn is a self striping colourway from Fab Funky Fibres called "Chocolate Brown Rainbow". The colours made me think of Smarties sweets so I referred to these as my Smarties Socks. I used a small ball of matching brown yarn for the heels and cuffs. I forgot to use it for the toes as I was so eager to get knitting the stripes!


Again I used the fish lips kiss heel for these. It's my standard heel now, it's so easy to work and fits my foot shape well. The yarn colours really are as bright as they look in these photos, yummy :-D

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